Bialetti 06725 Electric Milk Frother Review

As earlier stated, the Bialetti 06725 electric milk frother is a “must have” for people that love drinking coffee with beverages. This is because you can make your cappuccino, café latte and milk froth with this best milk frother. Aside from making these drinks, the equipment produces high quality drinks better than its counterparts.

Here, we will provide an extensive review of the product providing its features and special features that make it unique. Also, we will expose the pros and cons encountered while using the Bialetti electric milk frother. Furthermore, an incisive conclusion will be provided to guide you in choice-making. Enjoy!

Features of Bialetti Electric Milk Frother

  • Quality Drinks

One of the selling points of this equipment is the quality of its drinks. When compared to its counterparts, this Bialetti milk frother produces one of the best quality drinks. It remains a leader in quality, and just a few (if any) milk frothers can match its quality.

Bialetti Electric Milk Frother

This is because of the formula generated by its producers for froth production. If you need a quality milk frother, ensure you purchase this milk frother.

  • Easy to Clean

The equipment boasts of non-stick interior coating which ensures that it can be easily cleaned without hassles. This is unlike most of its counterparts that are coated with sticky materials making them extremely difficult to clean. Therefore, the Bialetti 06725 electric milk frother is ideal for people who are desirous of a milk froth that is relatively easy to clean.

  • Fair Capacity

This Bialetti electric milk frother boasts of a capacity of 8.5 oz. Even though you can find similar products with higher quality on the market, this equipment may just serve you better. This is because what it lacks in capacity, it gains in quality and convenience. The 8.5 oz capacity ensures that it can be easily carried around without stress which makes it ideal for campers.

  • Dimension, Weight and Model Number

The equipment measures 7.2 inches × 6.5 inches × 6.5 inches. It weighs 2 pounds. The item model number is 06725.

Special Features

Aside from the basic features, there are several special features possessed by this Bialetti milk frother which makes it unique from similar products on the market. Here, we will highlight those special features in order to enlighten prospective buyers.

  • It produces cappuccino, hot milk or café latte with just the touch of a button. This is highly dependent on the choice of the user.
  • The interior is coated with the non-stick coating which ensures that it can be easily cleaned without hassles.
  • It has the ability to shut off automatically.
  • It has a high polished exterior coated with stainless steel.

​FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it operating under 110V or 220V?

  • Answer: This item can be used at 110V. American standard power.

How long does it take to get hot froth?

  • Answer: It takes time 30 to 45 seconds.


  • At 2 pounds, this equipment is one of the lightest milk frothers on the market.
  • It can be easily cleaned and maintained due to its interior non-stick coating.


  • Its capacity of 8.5 oz leaves a lot to be desired.

Final Verdict

If you are in dire need of equipment that is capable of producing quality cappuccino, café latte, and hot milk, you should consider the Bialetti 06725 electric milk frother because its quality far outweighs that of its counterparts.

Furthermore, its capacity of 8.5 oz makes it ideal for campers due to its convenience. So if you want to go out on a camping spree, ensure you have a Bialetti electric milk frother with you.

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