Jura Automatic Milk Frother Review

A good milk frother can enhance the flavors of your coffee and Make it fabulous to bring your coffee /cappuccino experience to a whole new level. Jura automatic milk frother is considered to be a high-end electrical milk frother and is among the best milk frother available in the market. The fancy looking Jura milk frother offers to create a non-messy, fast and easy way to make luscious and creamy hot coffee. The froth created is as soft as velvet.

The milk frother can be used to froth hot and cold milk and is used to create a wide variety of special beverages.

Features of the Jura Automatic Milk Frother

  • Capacity

The frother has a significantly large capacity. The capacity for foamed milk is 8 ounces and capacity for steamed milk is 12 ounces.

Jura Automatic Milk Frother

  • Settings

Jura auto milk frother has three different temperature settings. The user can choose from cold, warm and hot options. Warm milk is deemed perfect for making hot chocolate.

  • Cleaning After Use

Cleaning the Jura milk frother after use is very easy. It has a sturdy built. The pitcher is made of stainless steel and is easily detachable. Once detached, it can be carried to the sink and washed off.

  • Automated Operation

Jura automatic milk frother is completely automated and froths the milk by itself. The frother is the well-suited accessory for any coffee brand. It also has an automatic shut off option which makes it safe and secure.

  • Whisk Attachments

It comes with three different whisk attachments which can be selected from to make the kind of beverage you want to make. 2 of the whisks are for frothing purposes while one whisk is for heating purposes.

  • Controls

Jura milk frother has illuminated controls which are easier to use.

  • Safety

It has been listed in UL measures of safety. The attachments are dishwasher safe. The milk frother shuts off twice automatically for added precaution.


  • The three temperature settings create more options.
  • There are marks inside the pitcher which indicate capacity or 8 oz froth and 12 ounces for heating.
  • The steel pitcher is made from stainless steel. The pitcher is easily removable. Since it is made of premium quality steel, it requires low maintenance. It also has a rubber grip on the outside of the pitcher which makes it heat resistant. The pitcher is made in an oval shape which makes it easy to pour the liquid.
  • Easy operations make it easy to use for everyone.​
  • It doesn’t make noise and is very quiet.
  • It comes with three disks. The disks not in use can be stored at the bottom of the machine base with magnets.


  • It will take two minutes to complete the cycle which is more time than most of the frothers.
  • The pitcher is made of stainless steel which gets very hot. A lot of caution and care has to be taken when it is being picked up from the base of the milk frother.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Will it really also are a steamer? As though I were to create a latte?

Answer: Yes, It works great than my other frother that we had to get started on twice for enough froth heat, the Frothers are a little more sensible, So you have to make sure that it’s dry and the bottom spinner is safe.

  • Is it supposed to make noise when heating or frothing?

Answer: We’ve informed that ours make a “popping” sound when there is certainly moisture or fluid between the base of the heating unit and cup So when the heated material warms up hot milk it fluid evaporates very fast and this is the reason of the noise. When we’re sure the cup is dry, we cannot hear these sound. It can “hum” when it’s frothing, but it is quite silent.

Final Verdict

Jura automatic milk frother is one of the best rated and high-end frothers in the market. Easy to use and has good quality, this frother is made for everyone who has a good taste for their coffee. The frother makes very thick and creamy froth which improves the taste of your cappuccino, latte and hot chocolate by a great smile. Available at a reasonable price and all the good features that a frothing device should have, the Jura milk frother is highly recommended.

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