MIRA Automatic Electric Milk Frother Review

Are you in dire need of a piece of equipment that can make you quality and rich milk froth from the comfort of your home? Do you wish to stop visiting a coffee shop and start making rich milk froth from home? Are you expecting visitors and you wish to surprise them with rich and creamy cappuccino without having to visit a coffee shop? The MIRA automatic electric milk frother is all you need.

Here, we will provide an extensive review of the Mira milk frother providing its features, unique special features, pros and cons that come with using the milk frother. The article will terminate with a conclusion that will serve as a guide for prospective buyers. Enjoy!

Features of MIRA Milk Frother

  • User-control Features and Fast Heating

This MIRA automatic electric milk frother has several user-control features which ensure that the user gains absolute control of operating the milk frother. The automatic shut-off feature ensures that your milk cannot get burnt during frothing.

Furthermore, the device froths milk at a fast pace. It is capable of frothing 115ml of cold or hot milk in less than two minutes. It can also heat up 240 ml of milk in less than three minutes for your quality lattes, tea, and hot chocolates.

MIRA Automatic Electric Milk Frother, Warmer & Heater

  • Safe to Use

Aside from the fact that the exterior stainless steel coating gives the milk frother a beautiful look, it also provides adequate safety for the use of the product. This is because the stainless steel exterior insulates the equipment and makes the exterior cool while the milk heats up inside. This ensures that the hands of the operator never gets burnt whenever he operates the equipment.

  • Easy to Clean

This equipment can be easily disassembled. This feature coupled with its non-stick interior coating makes it easy to clean. This makes it suitable for people in dire need of an easy-to-clean milk frother.

  • Weight and Model Number

The Mira milk frother weighs 2 pounds. The item model number is CFT-701-Summit.

Special Features

  • Stainless steel exterior to provide safety to the user and beauty to the equipment.
  • A non-stick interior that is easy to clean.
  • Automatic shut-off and heat control feature to prevent milk from burning during heating.
  • Detachable design and power base.


  • It heats up milk very fast.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain.
  • It is relatively safe to use.


  • Sometimes, the milk leaks out of the lid during operation.

Final Verdict

The MIRA automatic electric milk frother is ideal for people who desire equipment that is capable of providing quality cappuccinos, lattes and hot milk with ease. Its weight of two pounds makes it easy to carry around without stress. This is ideal for people who travel around. Also, if you desire a frother that is easy to clean, you should consider buying this Mira milk frother. This is because its detachable nature and its non-stick interior coating ensure that you can clean it with relative ease.

Furthermore, if you desire a frother that heats up fast, the MIRA automatic electric milk frother is your best shot. This is because it heats up relatively faster than its counterparts and ensures that you get your cappuccinos, lattes or hot milk did in a short time. Also, it is relatively safe to use which makes it suitable for households. This is ensured by its stainless steel exterior coating which ensures that the exterior remains cool while the milk heats up insides.