Capresso frothPRO 202 Automatic Milk Frother Review

Capresso frothPRO is a frother plus milk warmer that is designed to meet the needs of a modern day kitchen. Compact and affordable, it provides you with the best latte, cappuccino, milk shake or hot chocolate amongst many other beverages at the comfort of your home.

It is your two-in-one solution for warming milk together with preparing the perfect froth. This too, with not just the option of hot and cold but also a third temperature setting of warm.

This Capresso frothPRO not only prepares milk for your everyday beverages on the touch of a button but you can also even just simply warm the milk without the froth for drinking or any other desserts, cereals or fruits.

Features of Capresso frothPRO Automatic Milk Frother

Capresso froth Pro Milk Frother for Cappuccino, Espresso, Latte and Hot Chocolate

This brilliant machine comes with a long list of features and benefits. I have mentioned the important ones from a consumer perspective below:

  • Dual Auto Shutoff

I am sure all of us at one point in time have left a machine turned on. This frother is designed in a way that once the frothing or warming is complete, the device automatically turns off. No doubting and worrying at work if you forgot to turn off the milk frother.

  • Exterior and Design

This milk frother comes in a microwavable black pitcher that has a stay cool handle and a lid that is transparent. The pitcher is attached to a black base which has a special compartment for storing the two frothing whisks and the warmer. The pitcher is scratch resistant and ceramic coated.

Furthermore, the milk frother is not only attractive looking but also extremely compact making it a perfect accessory for your kitchen counter, with its three buttons with blue LED lights, it looks and feels beautiful. The interior is designed so that milk does not stick to it and there is no smell of burnt milk.

  • Easy to clean

It has a huge advantage over other machines that it is relatively easy to clean. With the detachable base, the frothPRO is fairly simple to understand. The only thing that has to be taken care of is that the machine’s buttons are not liquid protected and hence should be cleaned with nothing other than a wet cloth. This way the water will not enter the milk frother, and it will work for a longer period of time.

  • Temperature Options

With the three temperature option, the final product is at exactly the temperature you want to drink. Unlike other similar products, you have a greater choice of temperatures, and you can choose the temperature that best suits your beverage or dessert.

  • Two Frothing Disks Instead of One

It comes with two frothing disks, this unique design is one of a kind and ensures the maximum thickness of the froth. The froth does not only look amazing but tastes perfect too. Although the density of the froth also depends on the type of milk you use.


  • Three temperature options.
  • Attractive exterior.
  • Non-stick interior.
  • Compact design.
  • 2 froth disks and one heating disk.


  • The power cord on the milk frother should have been a little bit longer.
  • Relatively pricey.
  • Difficult to attach and detach the frothing whisks.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

  • Can I just use this for heating milk without frothing?

Answer: Yes, you can. There’s another button for heating up. It does not get as hot as I like it, but it may be appropriate for you. Please remember that I do not recommend this product.

  • Is it possible to make latte artwork with it?

Answer: You can imagine if you can do latte art. When using excessive pasteurized organic milk, the frothing is enough foam. You’ll have to focus on controlling the quantity of froth. I haven’t tried out it myself.

  • What is the capacity?

Answer: Inside the cup, there are three lines which are equally distant. By measuring, I found 10 liquid oz or more than 300 ml. Considering that one cup has 8 oz you have 1.25 cup. A person probably does not come close to using this capacity for coffee.

  • Is it possible to froth almond or soy milk in this frother?

Answer: Yes, you can froth any milk in it. I really like mine! I Make a mean cup of hot, delicious chocolate too. I used mainly for frothed cream for my coffee.

Final Verdict

All that needs to be said at the end is the fact that Capresso frothPRO is what you need to finish off a perfect espresso, latte, cappuccino and just your hot beverages it is a perfect addition to your iced and cold coffees, milk shakes and even desserts. You can save spending heaps of money on star bucks and instead make use of this multipurpose frothing and be warming milk frother to create amazing beverages and desserts.

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