KRUPS XL2000 Milk Frother Review

There are different types of coffee drinkers. Some of them prefer drinking coffee in its natural form without adding other beverages or even sugar. However, some coffee drinkers prefer to add beverages, milk, sugar, and froth to their coffee depending on their preference. The KRUPS XL2000 milk frother perfectively fits the special type of coffee lovers who enjoy mixing their coffee with beverages.

It is interesting to know that there are names given to coffee mixed with beverages. Names like caffe latte and cappuccino are associated with this kind of drink. Here, we will provide an extensive analysis of the features, specifications, pros, and cons possessed by this KRUPS XL2000. The article will terminate with a valid conclusion that will guide prospective buyers to purchase it.

Features of KRUPS XL2000 Milk Frother

  • Easy to clean, Maintain and Use

Its interior is coated with non-stick aluminum which ensures that the device can be cleaned easily. This is unlike most of its counterparts with features that make cleaning difficult. The graduated measurement for milk makes it easy to use. This ensures that new users can use the product without stress.

KRUPS XL2000 Electric Milk Frother for Cappuccino Latte and Hot Milk

  • New Patented Technology

This milk frother conducts excellent milk frothing. It is aided by a unique heating element in-line with integrated electronics that is patented. This is a major breakthrough by its manufacturers.

  • Huge Capacity

The capacity of this milk frother is 10 oz. This is quite huge compared to similar products on the market. Aside from that, the device boasts of a handle that is easy to hold which ensures that drinks can be poured effectively without hassles.

  • Café Quality

It is interesting to know that the type of drink produced by this frother is determined by the touch of a button. There are three different types of drinks produced by the KRUPS XL2000. They include hot milk, cappuccino, and café latte. The frothing speed and temperature differ according to the type of drink selected.

  • Dimension and Weight

The milk frother measures 7 inches × 5.7 inches × 8.4 inches. It weighs 3 pounds.

  • Origin and Model Number

The equipment is manufactured and designed in France. Its model number is 8000033420.

Special Features

  • Swivel base that rotates completely.
  • LED lights on control panel.
  • Switch off that is automatically controlled.
  • It possesses a soft handle that is insulated.
  • It has a milk capacity of 300 ml.


  • It possesses a lightweight of 2 pounds which makes it efficient for outdoor activities like camping etc.
  • It is capable of heating milk until a desirable temperature. It also froths milk effectively.
  • Its compact nature makes it easy for storage.
  • The manufacturers adopted a user-friendly approach while producing this milk frother. This is because the measurement bar for milk is clear and easy to understand for new users.
  • The transparent cap is designed in a way that does not allow milk to spill over while frothing.
  • It possesses cord storage and it is easy to clean.


  • When compared to its counterparts, the size of the jug is relatively small.

Final Verdict

The KRUPS XL2000 milk frother is perfectly suited for lovers of hot milk, cappuccino, and café latte as it produces high-quality drinks. If you are a lover of those drinks, this milk frother will perfectly suit you.

Also, if you are in dire need of a portable equipment that you can use for camping or other outdoor activities, the KRUPS XL2000 will serve you perfectly.

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